Here’s 15-Minutes Of An ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Making-Of Documentary You Probably Haven’t Seen (Unless You’re Dutch)

10.18.12 7 years ago 7 Comments

During the filming of Empire Strikes Back, a guy named Michel Parbot was given full access to the set, filmmakers and stars. He made a documentaryThe Making of The Empire Strikes Back. The documentary has never been released. Why? Nobody seems to know. George Lucas probably killed it for some petty reason, because that’s what George Lucas does.

Okay now this is about to get complicated, so follow along — it was recently discovered that some of Michel Parbot’s documentary (around 15-minutes or so) was included in another documentary for Dutch TV. So, that explains why the footage has Dutch subtitles and looks like it was recorded off TV sometime in the 80s. Even with that, this is still a fun watch, with lots of interviews with the crew and Empire director Irvin Kershner, and plenty of cool footage from the Norwegian “Hoth” sets…


So yeah, now you’ve all seen a Wampa being dragged across the tundra on a trailer by a giant snowmobile. Also, one-eyed puppet Yoda. You’re welcome.

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