Because It’s Friday, Here’s Video Of A Bear Stealing A Dumpster

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08.02.13 3 Comments

Bears are incredibly intelligent creatures. And they also love garbage, because to a bear, human garbage is just basically food kept in a convenient container for the bear. It’s a bit like you’re packing the bear a lunch. Or in this case, packing the bear a fridge. The video above from a Colorado Springs restaurant shows a bear deciding that, screw it, he’s gonna take the whole thing.

Needless to say, there’s also a GIF:


Perhaps it’s not surprising: The restaurant in question is Edelweiss, a traditional German place, and, thus, that dumpster is probably full of meat and fat. Really all that bear needs is a half-empty beer keg and he can have the full German dining experience.

Unfortunately, as funny as this is, it does create a problem. Bears tend to remember where they find food, for obvious reasons, and will keep returning to the spot again and again. And they can also recognize objects, meaning if they find food in a car, they will keep looking for treats in cars.

This is especially problematic if there are humans around, for obvious reasons, because bears and humans just don’t get along, even if they can be scared off by naked state governors. The restaurant has had to chain down the dumpsters and add spikes in order to keep bears away, and ultimately the bear might have to be sedated and relocated for its own safety.

Or we could give it a job at the waste disposal company. If nothing else, an entirely bear workforce would be cheap and apparently pretty efficient.

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