Here's A Bunch Of New 'The Hobbit' Pics From Entertainment Weekly Of All Places

07.05.12 7 years ago

Entertainment Weekly recently released their Comic-Con preview issue, and it’s full of new pics from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. Yes, Entertainment Weekly is now doing a Comic-Con preview issue. How f–king weird is that? It’s official, nerd s–t couldn’t possibly get any more mainstream at this point.
Anyways, hit the jump for all the furry footed goodness…

via ENI & Entertainment Weekly

Having dwarves pose for glamour shots usually reserved for models and actresses is a little…weird. Or arousing. I’m not sure which.

Okay, this one’s definitely arousing.

This pic is from the heart-rending scene where Elrond reveals he can’t read.

These guys were pretty desperate to get the last drops at the bottom of the keg.

Gandalf is totally about to knock over that tiny mailbox. 

“Summon the poooower of oooollld peeerson stiiiink!”

Gollum’s trying a comb-over, but I don’t think it’s working.

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