Presenting A Cautionary Tale About Sharing Your Netflix Account With Others

As someone with a poor  Netflix viewing habits, I can relate with this video quite a bit. I don’t want anyone looking at what I’m watching on Netflix. The folks at College Humor really grab onto this fear of mine then take it to the next level. It’s why I don’t share my account with folks and you shouldn’t either.

The only thing I’m left being confused by here is the kind of person our gentleman was dating. Is she spitefully putting things on his Netflix account to ward off possible new girlfriends? How does she know they are even looking? And if none of that is the case, why did he date this person in the first place?

The moral here is you don’t let people snoop your Netflix account. And never share your account with anyone. Tell their cheap ass to sign up for their own account or go outside.

(Via College Humor)

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