Here’s A Final Trailer For The Surprisingly Good ‘DmC: Devil May Cry’

01.17.13 6 years ago 8 Comments

So, ever since it was unveiled DmC: Devil May Cry has been the subject of non-stop fan backlash, because, I dunno, the main guy’s hair is brown instead of white? Or something?

Anyways, the game’s actually out now and it’s getting surprisingly positive reviews, so hey, if you’ve already burned through your stash of Christmas games, DmC might be worth checking out. Hit the jump for a launch trailer…


Looks pretty good to me, but as is often the case with games that try to do something new within an established franchise, DmC is being bombarded by the ultimate disgruntled fan weapon, negative user reviews. Most negative Metacritic reviews are written by bluehairs positively MORTIFIED by the game’s content.

“DMC: devil may cry is a shameless reboot to a great franchise, this game has obscene violence and even a sex scene in it. ninja theory claim its a shakespear-esk game but in reality its a pitiful game.”

Even a sex scene! Why, that’s not Shakespear-esk at all! That “pitiful game” zing on the other hand — pure poetry.

“I got to the point of the game where Vergil shoots a pregnant lady in the womb. Wow. Great gameplay and story. I wish all games had the option to kill unborn HUMAN BABIES. This game is very offensive, do not buy it or even LOOK AT IT.”

Because, you know, the Devil May Cry series has always been known for it’s good taste and restraint. Don’t even LOOK AT IT. HUMAN BABIES. Those not accusing DmC of being amoral filth are upset it’s a super easy game for stupid lame-ohs.

“This is one of those games that went from having a deep, complex, and challenging battle system to a game where you press X to win. There is like 1 or 2 combos that you’ll use throughout the game and not even come close to needing any of the others. Not to mention the terrible voice acting, asinine plot, and watered down art design to cater to all the new gen console babies.”

Okay, so let me keep this straight; HUMAN BABIES = good, new gen console babies = bad. How do you keep up with all these complex rules trolls?

trailer via Capcom’s YouTube page

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