Here’s A Hip-Hop-Themed Pregnancy Announcement That Parodies A Car Commercial Made By White People

If there’s one thing that the Internet has taught us, it’s that there’s nothing we, as a species, won’t do to turn something into a viral video. A case in point lies with this video, a hip-hop pregnancy announcement from white people. Why, yes, the term “swag” is used. How’d you guess?

Just to emphasize how painful this whole thing is, it’s a parody of an infamous car commercial. I’m pretty sure that’s a good definition of a total lack of creativity, but judge for yourself:

Needless to say, this involving both attention-whoring and race to a tangential degree, the YouTube comments section is full of special snowflakes, even by YouTube’s standards. The top ranking comment is somebody who, in the course of defending them, outs their whole medical history, but there’s plenty of screaming about race, as well, which seems a bit out of place since that car commercial, until this video came along, was in the running for the Whitest Thing Ever Posted To YouTube.

I’m torn because, on the one hand, needless cruelty towards a pregnant woman is kind of awful. On the other hand, everything about this video is flagrantly a bad idea and it seems like if you’re going to raise a child, having the skillset to spot flagrantly bad ideas is a good thing to develop. Only one thing is for certain; in fourteen years or so, this kid’s going to have a miserable week in high school when somebody finds this thing.