Here’s A Terrifying Video Of A Plane Almost Landing On A Sunbather In Germany

There are plenty of reasons that people have to fear the beach these days, from sun poisoning and skin cancer to shark attacks and the swarms of jellyfish that are poised to conquer the Earth in the wake of our societal frivolity. Also, that sand gets everywhere and it’s such a pain in the ass to clean up. It’s just the worst. But now, thanks to a 52-year old pilot named Juergen Drucker, we can all fear the possibility of airplanes landing on us at the beach, at least if we’re catching some rays on the German archipelago of Heligoland.

Drucker’s recent landing attempt had his small aircraft coming in a little low, as he broke the wooden fence posts that separated the beach from the landing strip. For some reason, a man was sunbathing right next to the fence, and while you’d think that would be foolish, what with all of the other sand not located next to the place where planes land, he certainly learned his lesson after this incredibly frightening close call. After the scare, Drucker apologized, presumably with a sincere, “Sorry ’bout your tan, bro.”

(H/T to BuzzFeed)