Here's A Video About The Making Of Jurassic Park's Spitting, Newman-Killing Dilophosaurus

A few months back we showed you a rather mind-blowing video from Stan Winston Studios that detailed the creation of Jurassic Park’s “raptor suits”. Turned out most of the raptor footage in the movie wasn’t CGI — there were sweaty stuntmen inside those raptors all along! Freaky.

Well Stan Winston Studios has put out another Jurassic Park video, this one detailing the creation of Dilophosaurus (aka the frill-necked guy who spits poison in Newman’s face). Hit the jump for the video…

I could watch this s–t all day. I want a T-rex video! And one about the Brachiosaurus that sneezes in the kids’ faces. Get on it Stan Winston Studios!

via io9