Here’s AC/DC Wearing Swimsuits In Case You’ve Ever Wondered About That

Summer is ending, meaning it will soon be time to bundle up and brave the bitter cold once again. In honor of it, I thought I’d this photo of the guys from AC/DC in full swimwear. It was taken in Ipanema, Brazil back in 1985 and it is certainly a different view than we’re used to, especially for Angus Young. Gone is the trademark schoolboy uniform, now replaced by a speedo that’s clearly making everyone feel awkward:

The rest of the band pretty much look like a group of guys who just happened to be standing there at the photo was taken. Not Angus Young, just putting it out there without a care in the world. Or they’re just all lit up, which is a genuine possibility.

I also like that Brian Johnson’s hair is like a fuzzy version of The Great Gazoo’s helmet. Not pictured is Bon Scott, kicking ass in the underworld.

(Via History In Pictures)