Here’s An Ebola Victim Waking Up From The Dead In A Body Bag

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So yeah, this is like the third “dead” person I’ve read about who has woken up after dying from Ebola. That of course means that we’re not just dealing with a horrible disease, but we’re also dealing with zombies. Flesh eating, undead spawn of Satan rising from the dead to feed on the living. From The Huffington Post:

The footage shows ABC correspondent Dr. Richard Besser observing health workers while they douse the body of a suspected Ebola patient lying on the streets of the Liberian capital Monrovia with bleach, a regular precaution while removing bodies to prevent the spread of the disease. The workers place the suspected victim in a body bag. Then, his hand moves.

“He’s not dead!” Besser exclaims, to the cheers of a crowd of Liberians.

Residents told Besser they had spent days unsuccessfully seeking help for the man as he lay suffering on the road. The burial team, however, arrived within an hour of the victim’s reported death. “They only come when you die,” one community leader told the news crew.

OK, so maybe I exaggerated a bit there. That’s going to happen when you’re dealing with a disease that we’ve never truly experienced in this part of the world before. Luckily we’re completely prepared for this situation and we have the best health care possible:

A nurse asked Duncan whether he had traveled during the past four weeks, and he said he had been in Africa, according to the hospital statement.

The nurse recorded that information in Duncan’s electronic medical record. But the hospital initially said doctors who treated him used a separate record that did not include the travel history. The earlier statement, now revised, said doctors and nurses use separate “workflows.”

The man was sent home with a prescription for antibiotics, relatives said, but he got worse. (via)

Sh*t. Good thing I stocked up on that Duck tape and plastic sheeting following the whole anthrax/dirty bomb scare after 9/11.

(Via ABC News / Huffington Post / LA Times)