Here’s Insane Footage Of A Man Slapping A Woman On New York City’s F Train, Leading To An Ugly Brawl (UPDATE)

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11.10.14 102 Comments

Well. Here’s one thing Taylor Swift has failed to mention as ambassador of New York City. In this video uploaded to YouTube Saturday, titled “Man smacks the soul out of girl on the NY Subway,” a group of three women terrorize the passengers of a New York City F Train car, particularly targeting one tall man wearing an 8-ball jacket and trapper hat. The ringleader of the group taunts the man, making fun of his style and accent before briefly turning her attention to the cameraman (who, in all fairness, was taunting the woman), smacking his phone out of his hand twice. She then goes back to her original target.

This is when things take a turn for the worse. The tall man finally calls the young woman an expletive. She takes a swing at him, and then he slaps her — hard — and the entire thing devolves into a full on subway brawl. The NYPD is investigating the incident but it’s hard to say just who is at fault here. True, the woman did swing first, but it’s hard to argue that a man that size would be striking out in self defense. There are no winners in this situation. If someone is ever being harassed on public transportation, the best solution is to just get off at the next stop and call the police.

(Update: Four were arrested in the brawl, including the woman who started it and the man wearing the 8-ball jacket.)

(NY Daily News via Gawker)

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