Here’s How You Can Get Heroin Instead Of A Happy Meal Toy At McDonald’s

We promised you McDonald’s heroin, we give you McDonald’s heroin. All you have to do is: travel back in time, to before an informant snitched on a Pittsburgh McDonald’s, where all junkies had to do to get their smack is “drive to the window, hand over the money, and get a Happy Meal box” containing that sweet spider blue. Alas:

An employee of a McDonald’s restaurant in Pittsburgh was charged Wednesday with selling heroin in Happy Meals to customers using the coded request “I’d like to order a toy.”

Undercover agents set up a drug buy and arrested Shania Dennis, 26, of East Pittsburgh. Dennis denied wrongdoing to reporters as she was being led away in handcuffs. Authorities said they found 10 bags of heroin in a Happy Meal box and recovered another 50 bags from the suspect. (Via)

McDonald’s characters make for good heroin code names. “Yes, I’d like a gram of the Purple Grimace.”

The AP via Gawker