Here’s A Closer Look At The Moon Racing In ‘Gran Turismo 6’

Gran Turismo 6 hits stores today, and as teased a couple weeks ago, you’ll be able to race on the moon in the game. The moon racing stuff is actually meatier than you might expect — the game contains several moon racing missions and the makers of the game have actually gone out of their way to replicate the low gravity of the moon.

The moon racing missions are also, frankly, more than a bit eerie. See for yourself in the video below

See what I mean about the moon racing being a bit creepy? Between the desolate landscape and the subdued, unearthly music, you kind of expect a xenomorph to attack the moon buggy at any moment.

I’d love to see more stuff like this — a whole relatively realistic racing game taking place across the planets and moons of our solar system is something that needs to exist.

via Destructoid