Here’s The Gameplay Video For South Park: The Stick of Truth’s ‘Giggling Donkey’

Aside from hearing that all of the neighborhood children would soon be coming to steal my Skittles, the worst news that I received today was Dan Seitz’s report that South Park: The Stick of Truth was being pushed back once again. Now, the highly-anticipated role playing adventure will be released on March 4, 2014, as most of us have been waiting for it for what feels like a decade now. Hell, I don’t even play video games, and I’ve had this thing ready to order on my Amazon wish list since January.

To add insult to injury, though, Ubisoft released a new gameplay video today for the “Giggling Donkey” mission, and this thing just looks incredible.

In their latest adventure, the boys embark on a quest to the Inn of the Giggling Donkey, an infamous tavern that harbors the scum of all the realm.

There, it is believed the famed Bard guards the hallowed stick of truth. In order to defeat the Bard’s followers, you’ll have to throw everything you have at the enemy, including dodge balls and farts. Poison your foes with your flatulence, and refill your mana with burritos.

Along with your party member Butters and his legendary hammer of justice, play through the most outrageous turn-based live-action role-playing adventure that could only come from the creators of South Park. This is South Park: The Stick of Truth.

This is like going to a strip club and being told there are no dancers working, before someone hands you pictures of the girls who normally work there. I’d complain more, but I will wait until the end of the Earth for this game.