Here’s A Map Showing Where Starbucks Menu Items Are Most Frequently Ordered

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Starbucks has a lot of data about the coffee we drink and how much of it we consume. And, this being the twenty-first century, someone naturally broke that information down into a map, which is actually pretty fascinating.

Quartz took the info from Starbucks and turned it into this map:

If you see a city, and a drink under that city, it means that city orders more of that drink than any other place in the nation. We didn’t really peg Omaha as a mocha kinda place, but apparently they love it in Nebraska.

Some of what the map offers is not exactly surprising. Nobody’s going to be shocked that some southerly parts of the US drinks a lot more iced coffee, or that those hippies in San Francisco order soy lattes more often. But there are some odd quirks, as well.

For example, dark roast is the most popular brand in the most northern cities… with the sole exception of Memphis, of all places. Most of the Southeast consumes more hot coffee than iced, except Florida. Boston and Tampa both love iced coffee, although Boston’s preference is odder because hot drinks are more popular. Also, apparently nobody in Seattle sleeps, if their taste for extra espresso is any indication.

It’s fascinating both for the cultural stereotypes it confirms and the ones it explodes. And, hey, at least you’ll now know what the locals are drinking.

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