Here's What The 'How I Met Your Mother' Kids Look Like Today

The actors who played Ted Mosby’s kids on How I Met Your Mother, who are really chill when it comes to hearing stories about how their dad plowed a bunch of random women before meeting their Mother, and oh yeah, she’s dead and now I’m going to bang your Aunt Robin, filmed their scenes nine years ago. That they’ve managed to go nearly a decade without succumbing to the pressures of “I double dog dare you to tell me what happens” is impressive, as is the number of reaction shots How I Met had for every situation.

Also, in a twist more unexpected than the How I Met series finale, they have names! He’s David Henrie, the soon-to-be star of a Paul Blart sequel tragically not called How I Met Your Blart, and she’s Lyndsy Fonseca. You might recognize her from Kick-Ass, Nikita, or the OTHER sexy scene from Hot Tub Time Machine.

David Henrie

Lyndsy Fonseca

She’s the best thing that ever happened to Schmosby.

Via People