Allow Russell Brand To Show You How To Shut Down A Heckler Who Yells ‘Gandhi Was A C*nt’

Russell Brand is at his funniest when he’s between jokes. I’m not a huge fan of his material (come to think of it, I’ve never actually met a Russell Brand fan, only people who like a movie Russell Brand’s in or a Katy Perry he’s boned), but when he’s caught off-guard and begins ad libbing, that’s when he’s at his wittiest. Take, for instance, the way he handled a heckler at a recent show of his. For some reason, some drunk decided to take that no-good Gandhi down a peg, calling him a “c*nt,” to which Brand, who’s apparently bros with Malcolm X now (?), replied…well, just watch.

Btw, if someone in the crowd had yelled, “Take off those f*cking beads,” I’d be right with the heckler.

(Via Gawker)

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