We’re Not Sure How Anyone Survived This Terrifying Car Crash, But The Driver Somehow Did

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11.22.13 3 Comments

Yes, that’s a car. Specifically, it’s a Honda Insight in the process of spinning out at 209 miles per hour. Really.

We only show you this car crash video because Brian Gillespie, the driver, actually came away from this accident with “relatively minor” injuries. So this is arguably both a terrifying crash and superb argument for installing a roll cage in your car:

As for why, precisely, this is happening to a Honda Insight of all things, apparently it’s one of the more aerodynamic cars out there, built that way by Honda; racers are just trying to take advantage of that research to go really, really fast.

As we said, Gillespie is absolutely OK; rattled, obviously, considering what he just went through, but he seems to have suffered no permanent injury. We, meanwhile, will be installing roll cages in our cars, post haste.

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