Here’s The Bizarre Story Of A Serial Lingerie Thief Who Was Finally Caught

Over the course of a year, a Chinese man in the province of Guangxi stole over 2,000 pairs of used panties and bras from his neighbors. The man reportedly stashed the undergarments in the ceiling of his apartment building. His theft likely would have gone unnoticed—but then the ceiling collapsed.


His perverse deed was uncovered only when one of the stairwells’ ceilings gave way under the weight of his loot, and several bras and underpants came tumbling down.

Investigators lined the lingerie neatly outside the building to count just how many articles the man had stolen.

Meanwhile in China is starting to rival meanwhile in Russia. Country craziness aside, here’s what it looked like when investigators laid out the lingerie on the sidewalk.

Ok, um, why did the police do this? And like, why did they separate it by color? This all feels very weird.