Here’s The Disatrous Interview Woody Harrelson Gave Right After The Disastrous Reddit AMA

Woody Harrelson did a virgin I ramparted at her prom and never called. Allegedly.” It was a terrible mistake.

Harrelson was then scheduled to grant an interview to Annette Lamothe-Ramos of VICE right after this Reddit debacle — Lamothe-Ramos published an article on her experience titled, “I Used To Love Woody Harrelson, But Now I Think He’s A Scumbag.” Sounds like that interview went great. So great, in fact, that this was her opening volley: “I used to be a huge Woody Harrelson fan. I’ve seen almost all of his films and agree with many of his views on politics and culture. So it is with great sadness that I must tell the world he is a complete and total a**hole.”

Lamothe-Ramos gives an insight into who was conducting that poorly-planned AMA:

One of Woody’s handlers had briefly mentioned to me that there was just one interview before mine—a Reddit AMA—and that it might run a little long, but I was still promised my full allotted interview time. Before they went into Woody’s hotel suite, I met the girls who were conducting the AMA. They seemed sweet, so I didn’t mind the additional wait—imagining that they might butter him up with a light-hearted Q&A before Woody and I got down to business.
Ten minutes later, a stampede charged the waiting room, each person whispering furiously and cupping their mouths in horror. I didn’t hear everything but I knew it wasn’t good. The only fragments I could make out were something about “de-virginizing a high schooler” and “really angry.” I immediately broke out in hives and my mind went blank. Seconds later I was called into the next room to chat with a visibly irritated Woody Harrelson. [VICE]

What follows is a description of the interview, where Harrelson eventually responds to questions with stoney silence. I still found myself siding with Harrelson, mostly because those interview questions were terrible. How do you answer a question as vague as, “What’s been your most memorable experience so far?” And how do you navigate a question like, “Are there any particularly great perks about being a movie star?” without sounding like a pampered, bragadocious, out-of-touch diva? And why would an interviewer give up completely and say they’re already out of questions after only five minutes? This interview was weird, but the insight into what happened directly before and after the Reddit disaster more than makes up for it.

Since this situation is turning into a bit of a downer, here’s a delightful pug in a sweater doing tricks:

Much better.

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