Watch Ariana Grande Get Bang Banged Into Her Face By A Victoria’s Secret Model’s Wing

Bang bang, into your face. Ariana Grande was performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in London when Elsa Hosk’s angel wing jacked her in the face. The result was this phenomenal photo (and Vine), one that obviously caught Grande’s “bad side.”

Earlier this year, the diminutive diva asked the media to steer clear of certain topics when addressing her.

DON’T ask questions about:

(1) Relationships/Dating/Ex-boyfriends

(2) Mariah Carey

(3) Sam & Cat/Jennette McCurdy

(4) Working/collaborating with Justin Bieber

(5) Her grandfather passing away

She also asked them not to photograph the right side of her face. Thankfully, she never said anything about straight-on photos where she looks COMPLETELY TERRIFIED.