Here’s The Least Convincing Video Game Trailer Of The Year

GUTS is an indie RPG that looks kind of like Diablo. A very cheap, very indie Diablo. Coincidentally the game’s being made by Chris Haga, a dude who used to work at Blizzard on Diablo III. Uh oh.

When early trailers for GUTS hit YouTube, Diablo III haters were ready and waiting with their abusive comments — abusive comments the makers of GUTS decided to incorporate into a later trailer like they were pull quotes. How clever! Or at least it would’ve been clever if GUTS actually looked good. It doesn’t. Guys, the whole “ironically including negative comments in a trailer” thing only works if your game actually looks good.

Hit the jump to extinguish your desire to ever play GUTS

See? Diablo III could be worse guys.

via Kotaku