Here’s The Single Most Unhealthy Meal You Can Eat At A Fast Food Restaurant

The CEO of Red Robin, the most ambiguous of fast food chains (not only have I never eaten at one, I don’t even know where one is), can sleep easy tonight knowing that for the first time ever, his salt-and-grease factory finished above McDonald’s and Burger King on a list.

At 3,540 calories, [a “Monster” double burger, served with “bottomless” fries and a “Monster” milk shake] is the “single unhealthiest” meal the group could find on more than 200 chain restaurant menus it reviewed for the 2014 edition of its not-very-coveted Xtreme Eating Awards. The awards go to dishes and combos especially high in calories, fat, sugar and salt. (Via)

To burn away the calories from the Monster meal, you’d have to walk for 12 hours, which is approximately how long it would take you to drive to the nearest Red Robin. “Once I’m there, I can order another one! With a diet soda, of course” — America.