Enjoy Thirty Minutes Of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Grand Theft Auto V has been surprisingly coy with the gameplay videos, to the point where we had to look at bad videos from some stoner on Instagram. But some more official videos of the game are coming, and they look great.

Kotaku has a pretty hilarious video of its EIC and video editor trying, and failing miserably, to get up to a five-star wanted rating before getting killed. Repeatedly. Along the way you get a sense of how some of the features work, and why Trevor is probably going to be the fan favorite character in the game.

Along the way you do learn some interesting points. By all accounts, this is an absurdly meaty game; early reviews have offered up play-time estimates of thirty hours just for the main campaign alone. But as we can see, there’s a heck of a lot to do in Los Santos and Blaine County, even if you’re just planning on screwing around. Just as interesting, you see the game’s humor on full display; some of it is, naturally, incredibly immature and juvenile, but probably the funniest moment in the entire video is when they switch over to Michael.

Also, the fact that you can shoot a selfie promises to be the source of much Tumblr abuse in the next few days. And also probably some Photoshops.