Here’s Video Footage From That Insane Storm Yesterday That Submerged Half Of Detroit

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08.12.14 7 Comments

With all of the news covering the tragic death of Robin Williams, one big story that’s gotten kind of overshadowed is the biblical rain Michigan experienced yesterday. I’ve got a few friends out that way (including UPROXX staffer A. Isaac) and apparently it was like nothing they’ve ever experienced. So it was only a matter of time before footage popped up on YouTube, and it is predictably crazy. At first you just see a few people who just got out of their cars and walked like in the REM video, and then then the camera pans over and it’s like, no, holy f*cking sh*t, because the entire highway is completely submerged. Those things you see in the water? Are the tops of the cars.

Mother nature is a real bitch.

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