Watch Someone Paint All Over A Banksy Piece In Queens

Banksy! He’s artist. Banksy! He’s probably a middle-aged British man. Banksy! His works are easy enough to understand that everyone likes them. Banksy! He’s pissing off NYC graffiti artists by showing up on their territory. And here’s video of someone “dissing” him on the “street” by “tagging” over his “piece” (did I get that right?). Sounds pretty fierce!

A “street artist” named “Problem Child” said that the neighborhood in Queens that Bansky had hit up last night was “his turf,” so he painted over it. Gothamist reader Kevin Mazeski recorded video of the perpetrator taggin’ up a multi-thousand dollar work of art, somehow forwarding the debate about high-brow and low-brow art and the what-is and what-isn’t street art. Is what Problem Child did “art” any more than Banksy? Possibly. But more than likely he’s just kind of a dick.

(Image, h/t: Gothamist)