Here’s What Your Favorite Famous People Do When They Get High As Hell

Vulture is celebrating stoner week right now (who knew that was a thing?) and to get you just a little closer to your favorite comics, musicians, and artists, they’ve curated a list of the fine things all those people you admire like to do when they’ve taken a few marijuanas. Perhaps these are also things you like to do when you’re high? If you’re into getting blazed and watching cartoons, guess what: You’re just like every cool celebrity out there! Take that, shove it in your pipe, and then go tell people about it real quick before you lose your train of thought and stare off into space for ten minutes to three hours.

Here are just a few of the notable activities such luminaries as Bobby Moynihan, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, and Steve Guttenberg partake in—maybe together, maybe apart; Vulture doesn’t specify.

Wait, Steve Guttenberg? He gets high? Does that explain the time he was filmed jogging pantsless? What else does he do when he’s stoned?

There’s only one. The Big Lebowski. End of story. I might run for office, so I can’t admit to having smoked, but people tell me that’s the best movie to get stoned to. It’s just brilliant, and it has Sam Elliott — and any movie with Sam Elliott is worth watching.

And what about Colin Quinn?

When I was growing up, we would watch SCTV — Second City TV. Unbelievable. It really fed the vibe of being stoned. We were only like 16 or 17, so we’d get the joke, and then we were like, “Oohhhh.” I don’t know if we would have gotten it as much if we were straight. We were kids. You really see it for what it was. As for recent stuff, I don’t know, Lord of the Rings? That would probably be a good one. I haven’t gotten stoned in a hundred years!

The ladies of Broad City really take the cake, though.

Abbi Jacobson: I feel like animation is the way to go.

Ilana Glazer: Fucking Adventure Time, for sure.

AJ: I just feel like it’s sort of amplified when you’re stoned.

IG: Planet Earth is fucking incredible.

AJ: Oh yeah, animation or, like, stuff about the world. Cosmos.

IG: I like Planet Earth at my parents’ house. They have a great TV.

AJ: That kind of stuff more than, like — I’m not going to watch a drama.

IG: No. That gets anxiety-provoking.

See the rest of the list here. It’s definitely worth the last bit of attention you have left in you before you pass out from getting blasted.

(via Vulture)