Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Challenge Disney World’s Gaston To A Push Up Contest

This clip should serve a few purposes. First, it should show that being a character at any of the Disney parks is a lot more complicated than just throwing on a costume and playing a part. The guy in the Goofy costume might smell a little funny, but he’s a professional just like all the rest.

Second, the clip stands as a warning to those looking to make public challenges of those characters. Particularly Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. You may have seen this particular guy before, getting schooled by a little girl in front of everybody. That’s probably enough to make it seem like he’s soft, but he’s not. He accepts this guy’s challenge and destroys him almost immediately.

I guess if I had to pick a third, I’d probably just say push ups suck and it’d be a lot easier to just kick Gaston in the shin and run. It’s the only logical choice once you realize how many kids have probably vomited on the park grounds in this year alone.

(Via Blake Platt / Daily Dot)