Here’s Your First Look At Katie Cassidy As The New Black Canary On ‘Arrow’

Pretty much from the first episode, we knew this was going to happen. And now, it has; Laurel is officially hitting the streets as the Black Canary, and the CW has shown us how she’s going to look.

As first covered by the Hollywood Reporter, we can see they’re going with, well, about what you’d expect:

…Why is she wearing garters over her clothes? Are they tactical garters? Our own Robo Panda took one look at the buckles and stated, “Thanksgiving ‘sexy pilgrim’ cosplay came early.”

All that said, we knew this was coming and if nothing else, the show hasn’t been shy about showing Laurel earning it. Her first voyage into vigilantism ended with an absolutely brutal asskicking which was frankly pretty realistic. And we guess it’s no goofier than Ollie’s guyliner disguise, so it’s got that going for it, at least. We won’t have to wait long to see this look in action, either; the CW has confirmed it’ll debut on the tenth episode of this season.