Here's Your Wii U 'Launch Issue' Roundup

11.19.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

It’s a gaming tradition — every time a new console comes out, the Internet floods with stories of launch issues. Every problem is blown up into something that’s ALMOST CERTAINLY GOING TO DESTROY YOUR SYSTEM RIGHT NOW. It doesn’t matter that these problems usually only effect a tiny percentage of the people who bought the system — they’re launch issues and they demand to be sensationalized!

So hey, who are we to break with tradition? Hit the jump for the launch issues being reported so far…

– The day one Wii U firmware update is even larger than people were expecting. Up to a whopping 5 GB, and it’s taking up to four hours to download for some folks.

– If you disconnect or power down your Wii U when downloading the update you may brick your system. Of course anybody who’s ever, I dunno, used a computer should know disconnecting in the middle of an update is a thing you shouldn’t do, but hey, just in case you’re leaving your grandma in charge up updating your Wii U, tell her not to unplug in the middle of the update.

– Some guy has already “accidentally” hacked Nintendo’s new social media platform Miiverse, necessitating it being shut for several hours. Hopefully Nintendo tightens up security and hacking, accidental or otherwise, isn’t a regular thing.

– People are having trouble connecting to Wi-fi and getting HDMI output failures.

– Some Wii U apps and features load really slowly.

So there you go, nothing too crippling and again, all it takes for a “launch issue” story to be born is a single person complaining somewhere on the Internet, so don’t get too worried. Just don’t unplug in the middle of your update and you’ll probably survive.

Now let’s end on a positive note with a good Wii U launch surprise — it looks like the Wii U may be able to up-convert your Wii games to HD after all. Nintendo has said in the past this won’t be a feature, but there’s a video floating around of the Wii version of Okami running in 1080p, so you might want to pop a few old Wii favorites in and see how they look.

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