Herman Cain Is Literally A Cartoon Character

Earlier today, Herman Cain backed out of a newspaper interview essentially because the reporters interviewing him refused to not record the nonsensical things that would most assuredly come out of his mouth. And then, this afternoon, Cain managed to, against all odds, raise the bar on stupid once again when he responded to a question about his seeming lack of knowledge about anything one needs to know to be president of the United States, and how that might hamper his ability to do the job, this way: “We need a leader, not a reader.”

Herman Cain (and Rick Perry too for that matter) makes Sarah Palin look like the intelligentsia wing of the Republican party. Even better, Cain’s “leader not a reader” line was once uttered almost verbatim by a former president: the one from The Simpsons Movie!

Frankly, I prefer that my leaders are able to read, but maybe that’s just me.