‘Hey, Donnelly’ Is The New ‘Damn, Daniel’ And None Of This Silliness Makes Any Sense

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03.09.16 7 Comments

2016 is coming hard and fast with the viral sensations. Only days after all the Daniels of the world stopped cowering in their homes and have finally wandered outside to enjoy the fresh air (and no screams of delight about their chosen footwear), we’ve got a new viral hero ready to take his place. His name is Donnelly, and he’s an “army bro” who’s currently stationed in Hawaii. We don’t know much about him yet (expect him on Ellen soon), but what we do know is that he seems like a fun-loving dude who likes to eat, drink…and dig holes on the beach. Sounds like a super fun guy.

The conceit of this particular series of videos — which may or may not be a direct response to the ‘Damn, Daniel’ craze — is that Donnelly’s friend asks him what they’re doing, Donnelly responds, and then his friend says “okay.” That’s it. And even though it shouldn’t be, it’s hilarious. And let’s be real, it will also likely go viral.

Here’s hoping Donnelly, who’s a military man with experience in both hanging out and putting up tents has an easier time putting up with his fleeting fame and fortune than Daniel Lara did. I just want to know what exactly Ellen’s going to give him when he shows up on her show. Bro Bible suggests spam or mai-tais, but “just hella money” might also be nice?

(Via Bro Bible)

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