Hey Guys, The ‘Axe Cop’ Show Is Going To Be Pretty Rad

It’s seems like Fox has been teasing their upcoming Axe Cop show forever, but now we finally have an arrival date — the head chopping will being on July 27th! The show, based on the imagination of Malachai Nicolle, who created the character with his brother Ethan when he was only five-years-old, stars Nick Offerman as Axe Cop and will anchor Fox’s new trying-really-hard-to-be-Adult-Swim late-night animation block.

Hit the jump for a new Axe Cop trailer…

Hopefully Axe Cop is a huge hit, runs for 15-seasons and changes according to whatever stage Malachai is at in his life. Like, I have a feeling things will get really sullen and boob-filled seven or eight years down the road. Maybe he’ll join a commune in his 20s or something and the final few seasons will mostly be Axe Cop extolling the virtues of wheat germ. I can’t wait.

via Bleeding Cool