Hey, Look, There’s Another Loot Cave In ‘Destiny’

Previously, we talked about how the Loot Cave was shut down by Bungie, and what that said about the company and its approach to its own game. But we may as well have just posted the above video and been done with it.

Yeeeeep, as found by Kotaku, it’s yet another place where you can stand still and shoot enemies in the face to farm loot every six seconds. It’s on Earth, it’s pretty easy to find if you know the map pretty well, and it will probably be nerfed along with the alleged loot improvements in the next patch. Of course, the leveling system is still busted so your progression will depend entirely on playing the same missions over and over again, or fighting in the Crucible hoping for the occasional drop, or grinding prestige for the Horde… sorry, sorry, flashbacks.

I will give Bungie credit for making their patchnotes funny; apparently the Cryptarch was threatened with a sack of doorknobs if he didn’t start making with the good loot. Still, this is the last week Destiny can enjoy any lack of competition; Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor hits PC and next-gen consoles this week, and the advance word is surprisingly good for what looked like an Assassin’s Creed knock-off. We’ll see if anybody is still knocking around the Tower after that game drops.