Hey Nintendo Nerds — Real Life Mario Karts!

11.21.11 7 years ago

How many times on a long commute to work have you dreamed about unleashing a red shell on the old lady puttering away in front or you, or launching a blue shell to destroy the stalled car that’s backing up traffic? No two ways about it, Mario Kart cars are a lot more fun than real cars. Well guess what? Now Mario Kart cars are real cars.

In honor of the upcoming Mario Kart 7, Nintendo has had two full-size, fully functional Mario karts built. At least they’re fully functional in the sense that you can actually drive them around — I don’t think they come with a trunk full of banana peels to drop all over the road. Hit the jump to see some video of the karts.

Side note — When did Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime go from “kicking ass and taking names” to “biggest dork on the planet”?

via Technabob

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