Hey Sophisticated PBS Soap Opera Watchers — 16-Bit ‘Downton Abbey’!

So, who here watches Downton Abbey? Come on, I’m going to be generous and assume most of you have girlfriends/wives or are girlfriends/wives yourselves — it’s safe to admit it! Oh Mr. Bates, what trial will your love be put to next? Is Mrs. Hughes’ lump cancer? Confound it, stop losing everybody’s money Lord Grantham!

Ahem…anyways, somebody went and imagined a world where a licensed 16-bit video game version of Downton Abbey existed, and it’s kind of wonderful. Hit the jump for SNES Downton…

Okay, if anybody actually does make a Downton Abbey game, pillow fluffing with Anna needs to be in there. Also, hopefully you never have to play as Edith — winning that level would be next to impossible.

via Bill Kiley’s YouTube channel