Meet The High School Counselor Who Tried (And Failed) To Seduce A Student

Until very recently, 40-year-old Emily Feeney was employed as a college counselor at Malvern Prep, an all-boys private school just a stone’s throw from where I grew up, where all “the rich kids” went. I say “very recently” because, according to a three-count felony complaint filed last week, Feeney had allegedly been trying to lure an underage boy into sex since last summer, when the boy was just 16.

Authorities reviewed hundreds of emails and text messages between Feeney and the student, which were said to be “non-professional and sexually suggestive” in nature. She had even sent the boy a topless photo on at least one occasion. A Harvard graduate, Feeney was supposedly trying to get the boy to trade sexual favors for a letter of recommendation.

As if that’s not creepy enough, the kid was totally not into it, reports the Smoking Gun:

In a June 2014 message to Feeney, the victim declared, “Im not interested in you end of story. Im 16 im not into you.”

Though she was getting the brush off from the boy, Feeney appeared undeterred. “I am re opening this conversation in two years when you graduate,” she wrote in one e-mail. “No one would get in trouble and it would be so worth it. Tabled for two years.”

In a series of messages sent from her school e-mail account earlier this year, Feeney beseeched the student to converse with her. “You are gorgeous and this is killing me. Please talk to me,” she wrote in one e-mail, while another stated, “I adore you – always have, always will.”

Feeney also tried to use her position of power against the boy, by threatening to have him called into her office. In another email, she wrote: “If you’d…Just stop fighting and let it happen, you’d be a lot less uptight and much happier.” It’s unclear why the teen let it go on as long as it did because it seems that he had all the evidence in the world to stop her. Thankfully, it’s doubtful this woman will be working around children again.

(Via the Smoking Gun)