High School Yearbooks Have Tattoo Pages Now, Because That’s The Kind Of World We Live In

Tattoo artists should really prohibit customers under the age of like twenty-five from getting tattoos. I know that probably wouldn’t be a very good business model in the long run, but it would save people from making a lot of bad decisions. My first tattoo that I got in college is bad enough, but god knows what would have happened if I had gotten a tattoo in high school. It would have probably been a cartoon turtle with a flower on its shell or some crap.

But that’s a fact of life today. High school kids are getting tattoos. Most of them are bad. All of them will be regretted. In fact, tattoos are apparently so popular among high school kids that some schools like this one, found on Reddit, have their own section in the yearbook:

I don’t know what town this high school is located in, but I see a lot of cover-up work in the town’s local tattoo shop’s future.