Hilary Duff Got Shut Down By 7 Out Of 8 Dudes In A Blind Dating Challenge

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Hilary Duff has been making some interesting dating choices in the wake of her split from husband Mike Comrie. Back in April, it came out that Duff was trolling for men on the popular dating app Tinder, which was later revealed to possibly be a set up for a new reality show. And now, for some reason, Hilary agreed to a blind dating challenge on Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O radio program this week, in which she was anonymously connected with eight different men who were directed to hang up when they heard something they didn’t like.

Things started off well enough, as Duff described herself as a 5-foot-2 blonde American from Texas, who has a good job, likes to cook, drink wine, and loves dogs. Sounds like a catch to me!

Not so much, according to the Daily Mail, which transcribed the conversations:

She lost the first bachelor when she was asked about what she looks for in a man, and said ‘someone that can make me laugh, has a good personality. I like funny banter.’ Revealing ‘I’m a single mum,’ cost her another two callers.

Of the five remaining men, another two dropped off the line when Hilary said ‘If they didn’t have a career yet, I’d be OK with it- but I’d hope they were working toward something. ‘If they’re straight unemployed then no, I’m good.’

Of the last three, only one was left after Hilary spoke about her love of animals and letting two of her dogs sleep in the same bed as her. Tony, who stayed on board, was then told the girl from America was actually 27 year-old Come Clean singer Hilary Duff.

At the end, Duff was given Tony’s number, who she didn’t rule out calling, saying, “Never say never!” I have a feeling it probably won’t work out, though, being that she lives on the other side of the Earth, and he’s also some rando who called in to a radio show looking for a date. Aaron Carter probably has a better chance than Tony at this point.

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