Hilary Duff Is Apparently The Newest Celebrity Using Tinder And Is Ready To Get Pizza

The world of Tinder is one that seems very popular with folks looking to hook up and have some friendly encounters with others around them. Some are out there using fake names and seeking some fun like Leonardo DiCaprio apparently was, while others are keeping it real and just looking for someone to have some pizza with.

That’s what Hilary Duff is after according to her alleged Tinder profile. A Reddit user claims to have stumbled on her profile while swiping one night, sharing it with his fellow Tinder bros online and anxiously awaiting to see if a match would blossom from his discovery.

It did not, but some super sleuths online feel like it might be the real Duff after comparing the Tinder profile to her Instagram page. Still, there’s plenty of people crying fake.

Seems like a lot of effort just to find out if someone is using Tinder. And could you blame her as a freshly divorced single mom? You have to do what you can to have a good time and create that spark that relaunches your social life. Or at least boosts that ego a bit. And if Leonardo DiCaprio truly is using it, Duff isn’t alone. “Leonard” even notes as much in his alleged confession.

How would you swipe? And who else is hiding out in the wilds of Tinder? I’m throwing a lot of money down on that minx Helen Mirren. Vin Diesel better watch his ass.

(Via Barstool Sports / Reddit)