The Jeb Bush And Hillary Clinton Campaigns Are Having The Lamest Twitter Spat Imaginable

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08.11.15 2 Comments

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So here we are, deep in election territory despite the depressing fact that we still have over a year until the actual ballots are cast and a new president is chosen. I would blame Trump, but everybody seems to be doing that right now. Instead, let’s blame the massive political machines that are attempting to get a head start on the mud slinging in order to hold that important edge they’ll lose to some self-important blowhard the very next day.

It would seem that the Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton campaigns are in a bit of social media back and forth, the kind that would make Meek Mill vs Drake look like Rocky vs Apollo Creed. I think we can actually blame Obama for real on this because he had so much success with the Internet during the last election. Even the most mundane and out of touch candidates will attempt to have a web presence.

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