Hip Hop Humor Is Your Source For Lulzy Rap Punnery

Hip Hop Humor is an OG Tumblog (est. 2009!) that I watched get reblogged like mad for forever before I finally started following and admitting to myself that I can’t get enough of lulzy rap punnery, crude photoshops, and the war on the war on graffiti. The site is pretty much Tumblr through a hip hop lens. And if the Biggie image above doesn’t do it for you then you’re the one who has to live with yourself.

“Dat ass” parodies do it for me most on groggy Friday mornings so the timing felt right to compile some of the best HHH has to offer, based primarily on shares and what makes me nod in internet approval. I didn’t include any of the stuff I don’t get because I have some Coldplay on my iPod, so you may want to start following the site yourself to get the full experience. This also seems as good a time as any to inform everyone that the Nevernude Gangsta (#4) is my spirit animal.

Source: Hip Hop Humor