Do You Want To Hang With The Hipster X-Men? Maybe Get A Beer With Hipster Batman?

Most are well aware that there is a hipster Quicksilver in the new X-Men movie, complete with enough pockets and pouches to make Rob Liefeld pass out from a massive rush of blood to his erection. But what if the entire team were hipsters?

That’s where artist Phil Sevy steps in with his hipster take on the kids at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. I feel that he really captures the feel of your normal college campus, even if Jubilee was already sort of a hipster and Professor X looks a tad bit like Spider Jerusalem.

But the real great piece is his hipster take on the Bat-Family. The gangs all here, from a bow-tied Joke to a Doctor Who looking Commissioner Gordon. The part that stands out to me is how Mr. Freeze is sitting all by his lonesome. Doesn’t anyone get that he can keep your beer cold? Chat him up a bit!

You can see the full size pieces over at Sevy’s deviantart page. I also suggest taking a gander at some of the other work. There is nary a sexual Powerpuff Girl in sight!

(Images via thecreatorHD/Phillip Sevy )