Hitler Finally Reacts To All Those Hitler Reacts Videos


If someone would have told me, oh, say in 2008 that Hitler reacts videos using that now-infamous clip from Downfall would still be thing on the internet, I would’ve thought you were crazy, but they’re still out there, still relevant, and still often very f*cking funny. As noted internet finance writer John Carney put it earlier, “the Hitler Downfall parody is the most enduring art form of our age.” Love it or hate it, and I most certainly love it, it absolutely refuses to go away — kind of like David Spade and Sarah Palin.

So it’s kind of remarkable, I think, that no one has done a “Hitler reacts to all the Hitler reacts videos” video up until now, courtesy of our friends at Funny or Die. If someone else has done one, I certainly haven’t seen it, and I doubt it’s anywhere near as funny as this one. Is this the Hitler reacts video to end all Hitler reacts videos? I doubt it, but it’s pretty goddamn funny. Enjoy.

You obviously should have thought this through a little more, Hitler.

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