Did This Florida Family Cross A Line With Their ‘Ho’-Themed Christmas Card?


Christmas cards typically last, oh, a month or two on the fridge. Then they either go in a nearby drawer, in case the recipients wonder why their It’s a Wonderful Life-themed photo isn’t out anymore, or straight to the trash. Exceptions can be made, though, like if you received a card from the Yoshida family. No one’s sitting on Santa’s lap, no cats are surrounded by ornaments and tinsel, and there are no ugly Christmas sweaters, thank god.

Nope, it’s just a father and his ho’s.

Rachel Yoshida, a 19-year-old from Florida, uploaded her family Christmas card to Imgur, where it’s already received over two million views. It’s easy to see why: Rachel and her sister Natalie, 21, and their mother are wearing shirts that say “ho.” Meanwhile, dad, who’s relaxed in a chair, has one that reads “chillin’ with my ho’s.” That’s a weird thing to call your daughters.

My family's xmas photo dis year. Disclaimer: this was my idea I want the credit bc it's damn good ?: @chelseaashe

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Natalie, who’s idea it was, told BuzzFeed that her mom “agreed immediately,” but dad, well, he “never actually agreed or disagreed. He’s a great sport.” The family plans on sending the card out, because “all of our immediate friends understand our humor so they think it’s hilarious.” It’s also not the first time the Yoshidas have participated in a themed shoot.

#wcw my beautiful mother and sister. I love them mucho.

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They’re more modern than that other family.

(Via BuzzFeed)