The Worst Homeowners Association Ever Reverses Their Decision To Deny This Make A Wish Child’s Wish

A great, feel-good update to a story that should have been a feel-good story to begin with: Ella Schultz, the six-year-old girl battling cancer who was denied a playhouse by a cold, unfeeling, Grinchy homeowners association will get her playhouse after all. The story about Ella’s Make-A-Wish request hit the web this week when an incredulous community came together to protest the Stonegate Homeowners Association’s decision to reject plans to build an ill little girl a playhouse because it violated their “covenants.”

After being shamed by not only the neighborhood, but also Make-A-Wish Missouri, national activists, and the entire Internet, the HOA released a terse statement announcing the reversal of their decision:

“Today, we are happy to share that we have reached a positive resolution to ensure Ella’s playhouse will be constructed.”

“Our board met with JE Dunn Construction and Make-A-Wish to gather additional information, and while we still have a few details and timelines to work out, we collectively reached the conclusion that Ella will get her wish. We couldn’t be more pleased to see that happen.”

“[W]hile we still have a few details and timelines to work out”? Ugh, you are the worst, Stonegate Homeowners Association. The worst. Here is a statement from Ella’s dad, which is the best:

“She was yelling. She was like ‘Yeah! I’m going to have my own place outside where I can go,’” [Pete] Schultz said. …

“It’s going to look amazing. I’m only allowed in it when I bake chocolate chip cookies and bring them to her,” Schultz said. “She’s going to love it.”

But my favorite part was the news report rubbing the HOA’s face in the crux of this whole thing:

Her backyard will be a place for her to just be a kid and take her mind off fighting a deadly form of cancer.


The president of that HOA wouldn’t speak to the media on the reversal and had claimed to not be able to go into detail on camera when she spoke to her local news about the denial. I’d tell Ella not to share her chocolate chip cookies with that lady, but Ella Schultz is probably not that petty.

(Source: KTLA)