The Hobbit Hole Cat Litter Box Is Too Precious For Words

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. And then a cat pooped in his house. Take that, hobbitses. Geekologie tipped us to this concept for a Hobbit Hole cat litter box photoshopped by If Industries. It may not be real, but that’s probably for the best. Some things are too beautiful for this world.

Alternatively, get some Hobbit action figures and use it as a Hobbit Hole playset! You have to choose one or the other though, it can’t be a litter box that doubles as an action figure playset, that’s gross. [Geekologie]

Pffft, whatever. Toxoplasmosis is just the price you pay for adventure.

When and if If Industries ever makes this dream a reality, we know two cats who are ready to test it out.