Hollywood Is Assembling Its Deck For A ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Movie Franchise

Clearly this needs to be movie. 

Hollywood, desperate for another excuse to line up two CGI armies and have them fight Lord of the Rings style, has announced they’re planning to tap Magic: The Gathering for their next major fantasy movie series. Hmmmm.

Listen, Magic: The Gathering is a fun game! I spent an inordinate amount of time and money on it during my teenage years, but it’s not like there’s any particularly well-defined lore behind it all. Okay, well, there sort of is, but I’ve never met anyone who cared about it. But then, that’s probably what Hollywood likes about the game — nobody’s going to complain about the story, because who keeps track of that stuff? Basically, to Hollywood Magic is just a thousand little pieces of concept art to inspire its CGI army.   

Anyway, it’s 20th Century Fox that’s snagged the Magic rights, and they’re hoping to turn it into a major Harry Potter or LoTR level phenomenon. Fox has already enlisted Simon Kinberg (writer/producer of the recent X-Men movies and uh, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) as writer/mastermind of the new series.

So, will you have to watch the movie 10-minutes at a time by buying booster packs? Also, will there be different versions of the movie based on the different colors of Magic cards? I’ll be damned if I’m watching a Magic: The Gathering movie starring Red or Green characters — Blue and Black fa life.

via The Hollywood Reporter