Hollywood Can Now Control Your Television

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As you might be aware, the Motion Picture Association of America is very, very concerned about piracy. Of course, they also lie through their teeth about how much it costs Hollywood on a regular basis, and have shown these very unnerving tendencies towards being a harsh censor, which inspired an award winning documentary outing their ratings board as clueless about movies and child development.

I know, they sound like just the people you want in control of your television, right?  Well, goody for all of us, because they just got it. The FCC will now allow the MPAA to remotely disable the analog outputs on a consumer’s television set while viewing certain content.

The idea is that now Hollywood will be able to show first-run movies directly on your TV without having to worry about all those nasty pirates downloading a high-quality digital copy of the movie to torrent, because otherwise the general public would never have access to such a thing. By the way, this also means that theater owners will see less attendance to some films, which means soon we’ll be nostalgic for the days when a movie ticket cost ten bucks. Everybody (if by everybody you mean the studios) wins!

[ via BusinessWeek ]

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