Travelers Faced Security Lines Over A Mile Long At Chicago’s Midway Airport On Sunday

Everyone knows that traveling around the holidays is the worst. Because of my husband’s job, we can never go away on vacation until mid-late November, so a huge factor into making our travel plans is that I like to give a nice, wide berth around the week of Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, for thousands of Americans trying to get home to family, that’s not always an option — and travelers at Chicago’s Midway Airport Sunday were met with lines that literally stretched outside of the airport, reaching 1.2 miles long at one point. From The Huffington Post:

“This happens sometimes,” Chicago Aviation Department rep. Karen Pride told the Chicago Sun-Times. “There was a period of time earlier this morning, between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., that lines were long because that is when most people are traveling for the holiday period.”

The scene was documented by several travelers on Twitter, but thankfully, no one was kicked off their flight for it, that I’m aware of.

Apparently it took 75 minutes to get through security, which actually doesn’t sound too bad considering the circumstances. Hopefully not too many people missed their flights, and the biggest travesty was that passengers had to skip their pre-flight mimosas due to the backup. What, is that just me?

(Via Huffington Post)